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Android phones from other manufacturers are not included. Texts work on the Short Message System SMS , a method that piggybacks character messages on cellular voice signals. SMS came around in the early days of cellular networks, predating modern data plans. It automatically forwards messages from your main smartphone to other devices, including Android tablets, Mac computers and iOS devices such as iPad.

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It also allows blocking of the inappropriate websites from the target phone. This feature is very helpful for parents who want to control their children and want to keep them away from the malicious websites.

Android phone owners can now send text messages from a web browser, here's how

This app is not only limited to Android or iOS but can also be used on various Windows and Mac computers. It also allows you to handle various devices with a single account. Although it can be used on the various operating system it is most suitable for iPhones. XySpy as is also one of the best application available for spying on the target phones.

Read text messagesnet

All you have to do is download this application uninstall it and by using your licence key you can create your account and start spying on the cell phone. But this application is suitable for people who do not want to root the target phone or do not want to unlock it. It contains features such as GPS tracking which helps you in tracking where the person using the target phone is present at a particular point in time. It lets you know the exact location where the person is present and your location is displayed on the maps.

How to read someone’s text messages without their phone?

All the information related to the target phone are available on the website of the company. This app can also be used for reading the text messages that are being shared by using the target phone. You can also get the information about the call logs at the photographs that are present in the target phone. The Other major features such as doing the browsing history of the target phone contacts calendar and apps and also monitoring the social media are also a part of this application. And just like FreePhoneSpy it also makes possible for people to monitor the social videos that are present on the target phone as most of the conversations nowadays and none of these social media.

This application is beneficial if you are looking for a low-cost app for Android. Although the features are not as good as FreePhoneSpy but according to the price of the application the features provided by it are great.

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TheTruthSpy is a very popular spy app as it is one of those apps which contains many features which would make your work much easier. This app has two versions that are premium version and extreme version.

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The premium version will offer you the app with various features that are present in other applications as well but if you choose the extreme version that you will be able to access the advanced features of this application. One of the main features of this application is the life call Intercept. After this, all you have to do is install the application and it will work in the background and will provide you all the information that the task that is going on in the cell phone.

This application also helps you in recording the phone calls which are made through the target phone. You can also record the surroundings all you have to do is turn on the microphone and then you can hear whatever is going on currently near the cell phone.

This will help you in giving the live update of the target phone. These recording will be available on the account that to make in TheTruthSpy. This application can also be used for capturing the pictures of the surrounding of the phone whenever you want all you have to do is activate the camera and then this application will secretly take pictures of the surroundings of the phone. This application can only be used on the jailbroken or rooted cell phones.

These are some of the applications that can be used by you for tracking cell phones without even touching it. So, you can very easily download the above-mentioned applications and then start tracking the smartphone that you want. Track text messages without touching target phone Track text messages without touching target phone These techniques will help you in recovering your cell phones.


Let us discuss some of the reasons why these applications can be used by you for tracking text messages These applications can very easily be used to monitor the activities of your employees. As the main motive is to make your employees work hard for the benefit of a company so you need a perfect tool for handling them. This app can help you in knowing that whether a candidate is loyal to your company or not. As in these companies, it is very important to maintain the secrecy.

And if any important information is leaked then it may cause huge losses to the company.

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Many companies provide cell phones to its employees so you can check whether that cell phone is being used for personal use or for official purpose only. This application is also useful for protecting your personal devices such as cell phones.

This application will be helpful if you are searching for your lost mobile phone and you can also protect the information which is present on the device. As the price of the cell phones is increasing day by day due to the new features that are being added to them. And this is the reason why many of the cell phones are being stolen. So, the stolen cell phones can very easily be recovered by making use of this app and if the SIM card is also changed then you will get an SMS informing about the phone number of the SIM card. Many of the parents are eager to know what their children are doing in their mobile phones.

So, this app will be useful for them in spying on their children.